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The Dolls!

Here you will find a collection of dolls, so, if you see them in a stopmotion, you will know them by name.

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Meet the Dolls


Scarlet Evergreen


Scarlet is 12 years old, a Truly Me #58 AG doll. Her cat, Whiskers, is her pride and joy, even though he's a little wacky.

Plays keyboard, 7th grade, adores cats

Celia Wright


Celia is 16 years old. She is a Cécile AG doll and lives with Scarlet. She is sort of like the head of the family. She also plays Mildred in the Dolly Dance series.

Models, 10th grade, the "bossy girl", Born Dec. 25th

Fiji Grace Blake


Fiji is American Girl Truly Me #80. She has dark skin and the slightest bit of textured hair. She is 15 years old, and lives in the main Dreamer household. She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up, and already sews her own unique clothing. Fiji was also bullied because of her dark complexion, but has overcome it by sewing and doing what she loves.

Nalani Kaliko Kaiwi


Nalani is an American Girl Nanea doll. She has dark hair with brown highlights and her own unique facemold. Nalani loves to draw, and wants to be an artist when she grows up.

Lila Drear


Lila is 13 years old. She is a Lily Anna OG doll and loves to imagine. She loves to read and also likes people to call her Angie, as psuedonyms have always fascinated her. Angie also plays Angelica in the Dolly Dance series.

Brooklyn Evergreen


Brooklyn is 9 years old, a Kendall AG Wellie Wishers doll. She loves to program and also is generally ahead of her sisters in all subjects. Age restrictions don't apply to Brooklyn's world, one of the main reasons of her success

Zoe Charleston

Zoe Charleston

Zoe is ten years old and loves food. She dreams of becoming a chef when she grows up... or, at least, something along those lines. Zoe also plays as the talent scout/instructor in the Dolly Dance series. She is a Zoe Madison Play Along Club doll, which is no longer available brand-new, and only on third-parties such as Ebay.

Bakes, 4th grade, Creative

Michelle Suler


Michelle is twelve and is a cousin of the main dolls. She knows fashion like the back of her hand and wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up.

Models, 6th grade, fashion princess

Mimi Stasia


Mimi is a toddler cousin, one of the baby dolls. She is very sweet and kind to all. Her twin sister is Gabriel, or Riel for short. Mimi is a baby doll that is/was sold by Mattel.


Matilda Frock


Matilda is 13 years old, billingual, citioy. She can speak both French and English, and lives with her adopted parents in France. She is a cousin, but part of the Dreamer family nonetheless.

Studies language, 7th grade

Lula Nightstar


Lula is one of the baby dolls in the Dreamer family.


Kitty Evenstein


Kitty is one of the baby dolls (Madame Alexander to be exact) of the family. She has low tolerance for anything irritating.



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